Why Sing - Reasons to Continue

This list of the reasons reasons people continue to take voice lessons is based on observations made during many years of teaching as well as things verbalized, occasionally, by students:
  • Singing is important to me so I find ways to make it happen
  • The joy of singing sustains me
  • Someone close to me is or has been supportive of my efforts
  • I have a mentor who I respect
  • I’ve learned that practice, preparation, patience and persistence bring positive results
  • I actively seek out ways to enjoy using my voice
  • I don’t take either praise or criticism too personally
  • I work to be my best, but know that I don't have to be perfect to bring enjoyment to myself or others through my voice
  • I’ve seen that disappointments happen to everyone
  • When I encounter setbacks, I know that other opportunities will come along
  • I believe there is a place for me and my abilities in the world

©2007 Kay Pere ~ Effusive Muse Publishing

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