Why Sing - Stopping Lessons

Life happens. Priorities change. Here are some of the reasons given by students who decided to stop taking voice lessons. There seem to be more reasons one can find to stop than to continue on. Even success requires new choices. I commend those who continue toward their goals despite obstacles.
  • I tried out for a show and made it. I’ll be busy with rehearsals
  • Baseball, basketball, ballet, soccer, whatever is starting next week
  • My band is going on tour
  • The girls at the karaoke bar tell me I’m great. What do you mean I’m not matching pitches?
  • My mom/dad/I got a new, demanding job and our schedule has changed
  • I’m not feeling strong enough to deal with constructive feedback right now
  • We’re moving to Hawaii in two weeks
  • My mom just had a baby
  • My dog just had puppies
  • I’m moving to New York City to be closer to the action
  • My successful audition helped me to get into the college of my choice
  • We’re buying a new house and won’t be able to afford lessons anymore
  • The price of groceries, rent, electricity and gas to fill the car keeps going up
  • My grandpa/grandma, dog/cat/pony died and I’m too sad right now to sing
  • Someone in my family is really sick
  • One of my parents lost their job
  • I want to spend more time with my friends
  • I need more time to play
  • I took 3 lessons and my voice isn’t starting to sound like my favorite singer’s yet
  • I'm only interested one style of music
  • I’m stressed out trying to get good grades
  • I'm stressed out just trying to keep up in school
  • I'm stressed out at work
  • There's too much fighting and noise at home
  • I didn’t plan time for practicing
  • I don’t want to do vocal exercises
  • I tried out for a show and didn’t make it. I’m giving up.
  • It irritates my dad if I practice after he gets home from work, but that’s the only time I have
  • I want to be famous and lessons aren't making it happen as quickly as I thought
  • I just need a break for a while
  • My car needs major repairs
  • I'm going back to school in the evenings so I can get a better job

Even if taking lessons is not possible, for one reason or another, I encourage everyone to continue singing whenever they get the chance. One does not need a teacher's guidance or permission to enjoy the expressive power of song. Turn up that radio! Dust off those old LPs, CDs, or your iPod, and sing along! Don't worry what the neighbors might think. Perhaps they will be inspired by your boldness to do some fearless singing of their own.

©2007 Kay Pere ~ Effusive Muse Publishing

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